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MS SQL Server on Linux <=> Management Studio (SSMS) on Windows (via ssh)

If you use MS SQL Server for your database needs, probably you also use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for several day to day database management needs. SSMS is a common tool for managing MS SQL Server whether you need to do DDL, DML or DCL related tasks. While all these things can be done using plain T-SQL and SQLCMD utility, SSMS does things beautifully without us worrying about the SQL syntax and falling into the complexities of queries.

MS SQL Server’s support for Linux was very much awaited among its users. Most of the .Net Framework developers generally uses MS SQL Server for database but the windows-only support not only limited the usage but also increases of hosting cost as compared to linux based db servers.

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.Net Framework ❤ Linux – a beautiful love affair

Since beginning of my days as computer enthusiast, Linux have always fascinated me and motivated to start my journey in computer technologies. One of the best thing about Linux is that it has no limits. Almost all of the breaking technologies that we see today are directly or indirectly related to linux!! Whether it is Mac or Android, Drones or any IOT, linux is everywhere.

Back in 2005, when computer systems & information technology was still evolving, the ease of use & user friendly experience made Windows a very popular operating system. So by the time I got my B.Tech degree, I developed a few experimental apps for myself and for college projects using Microsoft .Net Framework, which was picking up lot of buzz during that time.

Its really amazing to be able to develop both standalone and web application by using same set of concepts and tools. Microsoft .Net Framework does exactly that. So in no time, it became source of my bread and butter.

In-spite of being awesome, .Net Framework was hiding a little shame within itself – ‘Linux’ 🙁

Over past few years, several technologies like PHP & Python have evolved many fold. One of the primary reason of their success is their support for Linux and ‘Open’ Culture, on which, .Net Framework was not very good.

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Ransomware attack? Here’s what can be done about it.

Ok, so we are here. Admit it or not, the most scary thing as a computer user is when you start your PC and suddenly all your files have been renamed to something cryptic text and there is a “ReadMe” file in all your folders mentioning that your files have been encrypted and you need to deposit some bitcoins to get them back. Well, if you have encountered it try remembering when was the last time you’ve gone wild on your pc (if you know what i mean ;-)) and regret. That’s the only thing you can do if you’re hit by a Ransomware attack. If there is no backup and the data meant lot, you’re screwed. Literally.

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