Creating lean and clean landing page that does it’s job.

What is a landing page.?

Landing page is a standalone web page or advertisement of a campaign or a product. Landing page is mostly created for some product for your website.the primary goal of a landing page is to encourage customers to do the same action by call to action. In this action we can fill out forms by customers to be in touch about our product.

Some basic things that we should keep in mind while creating a landing page

  • Your page content should be clear and loud what you want to say.
  • Always use decent and understandable language on the landing page, it should not look like some scam.
  • Use images and videos on your landing page to look more interactive to viewers.
  • The page should not have too much reading content. It should be short and clear about the product or campaign.
  • Always choose color wisely. Your background color does not overlap your content. Your content should be always visible, make it darker than your background color or image.

Why do people prefer landing pages instead of websites.?

A landing page is created for a specific product or some specific item. It will describe that thing only that’s why people can easily understand that product or item. In website there are too many distraction about products or item so sometimes people got more confused what they were searching on that page and that’s why the shift to another page and after that most of viewers forget which site they were visited earlier, but on landing page there is no distraction for viewer so most probably they will not switch to another site. Most people come to the landing page by advertisement on youtube or instagram or any other resources so if they miss your page they can go to that ad and they will find your landing page once again.

How to create a landing page

Creating a landing page is not too hard and for creating a landing page it’s not necessary that you should learn coding. Someone who doesn’t know about coding can make a landing page with no code builder apps in the market. It is  very easy to use and build. We only have to drag and drop things and make them align to look better.

5 main things we should note while creating a landing page.

  • Title.
  • Call to action button.
  • Hero shot
  • Body content.
  • Social proofs.

Title :What’s in it for them.

Title is the very first thing a user or visitor will see on your page so the title must be more creative and unique. From the title visitor should get a knowledge about what your landing page is for but your title should have something that makes visitors a little but curious to know about what and how your product or campaign is for. A title must not be too big if you want to give more message from the title. We can use a subtitle below the title but don’t make your title too big.

Things to take care:
  • The background color should not be so dark and the title should not be in light color so that makes it hard for visitors to read the title.
  • Title should have the biggest font in the landing page and all the sub headings should have the same font and same style.
  • Titles font should be decent neither too fancy that people can’t read it easily, nor too much simple. 
Example of bad headline on a landing page.

This is a bad example of the contrast of background and title not matched and the heading and subheading sharing the same font.

Example of a good headline on a landing page.

This must be called a good headline. The creator had taken care of all the points. It is clearly visible and explains almost what the product is for and it makes a little bit curious also to know about how the product works.

Call to action: Here’s My Button, Click Me.

Call to action like fill form and get some details of visitors but it should be in such a way that the viewer does not think too much while filling it.It should be equal, what are you asking for and what are you giving?. Like in a landing page you can’t ask the user to fill in their bank details in the login form. Visitors will think so much and it may affect your landing page for asking this. We can simply ask the user for login or signup or we can only ask for an email or mobile number to provide them some more information about the product or item. Users can give this kind of information without feeling nervous. The text should be attractive to the user click even if they don’t want to.

Which type of button we should avoid on landing pages.

This type of button can be said to be the worst type of button. Any other phase will be more good than this.

Types of buttons we can use

Use concise and action-oriented language that clearly communicates the desired action

The above buttons which are shown we can use this type button instead of them.

We can use”learn more” or “get it now” instead of “buy now” or “purchase now”.

Or in the place of “submit” we can use “sign up” or “log in”.

Hero shot: Release the kraken.

Provide some images or videos in your landing page to make it more attractive and interactive with visitors. When you select some images you should make sure that your image would not grab all their attention from your product or item of that landing page.

As we can see on the first picture that baby’s face is on front view that will make all attention to that baby not on your product, and in the other hand that baby’s face was looking on the product that makes visitors to look more frequent on that content. We should have to use this kind of images which make visitors look and read about our product. Avoid unwanted images and avoid unreliable images which say something else from your landing page.

Body of benefits

Things we want to take care of while creating a body of benefits.

This section will have all the explanation of your product in detail but by saying more with less words and by some graphical represtation. Here we will explain about our product its benefits why someone wants to take your product in this competitive market.Identify the pain points or challenges that your target audience faces and explain how your product or offer can alleviate them.Appeal to visitors’ emotions by highlighting how your product can make them feel or how it can fulfill their aspirations and desires. Connect with them on an emotional level to build rapport and trust.Use visual elements such as icons, graphics, or images to reinforce the benefits and make them more visually appealing and memorable. Provide relevant details about your offer, such as pricing information, product specifications, or key features, to help visitors make an informed decision.Focus on communicating the benefits of your product or offer rather than just listing its features.

Things we want to avoid while creating a body of benefits.

Avoid using jargon grumble or technical language that may confuse visitors who are not familiar with your industry or product.Avoid making hyperbolic claims or promises that you cannot deliver on. Be honest and transparent about what visitors can expect from your offer to build trust and credibility.Keep the focus on your main message and call-to-action by minimizing distractions such as unnecessary links, ads, or unrelated content.Back up your claims with evidence or proof, such as statistics, data to substantiate the value and effectiveness of your offer.While features are important, avoid focusing solely on them without explaining how they translate into benefits for the visitor. Always tie features back to the value they provide to the user.

Social proof:gives visitors a reason to trust the product.

What to Include:

We should include genuine testimonials from satisfied customers that can make this real.If your product or service has been reviewed by users on third-party platforms, include snippets of these reviews to demonstrate credibility.If your product or service is used by well-known companies or brands, include their logos to build credibility through association.Or if your product or service has been mentioned or endorsed by influencers or popular social media accounts, include there mentions also to boost credibility of your landing page.Use statistics or data to demonstrate the impact or effectiveness of your product or service.this all things will help to create trust on product and by this people will visit more on landing page.

What to Avoid:

Avoid using fake testimonials or exaggerating the claims made by customers. Be genuine and transparent in your social proof.Ensure that the testimonials you use are relevant to your current product or service offering. Avoid using testimonials that are outdated or no longer accurate. And don’t use testimonials from someone else on the same product.Do not use only one type of social proof.Include a variety of social proof, such as testimonials, reviews, case studies, and client logos, to appeal to different types of visitors and reinforce credibility.While you want to highlight positive experiences, ignoring or hiding negative feedback can harm your credibility. Address negative feedback constructively and use it as an opportunity to showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction.

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